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This Would Be Jim
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Below are the 50 most recent journal entries recorded in Jim a.k.a. V-Dub's LiveJournal:

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Monday, September 24th, 2012
1:38 pm
I went walking in the wasted city/started thinking about entropy
I am alive. Hope you are same.

Current Mood: lonely
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
12:01 am
Her name came up today/to my surprise/my eyes watered up/but I didn't cry
For those of you who believe in these things, and those who know how unlikely being here at all is:

The last couple weeks, I've been really upbeat...two good CVs out (one for a Dean's position), and then, I realized that I was....social. And curious. So, I went back to the dating site I hadn't been to since I went blind...and the old male curiosity kicked in (Dear Ace---just let me know, and I'll leave the door unlocked)...and I wrote! Got comments! Totally awesome last 48 hours!

Got an e-mail from schmimi...Isabeau died Sunday morning. Something like 16 years since Laurie nursed her back to health, her liver went out of warranty. Izzy was far luckier than even I...she had two amazing women love her, with only a short time between. I will forever hold M-Re dear, as she gave me three grand gifts...her visit, the Small Good Baking, and being Izzy's godmother.

Coincidence? Of course. but still. Rest well, enormo-cat. And M-Re makes me desperately want to believe in Karma, because she's due whatever the world values the gratitude of three mammals.

Now, I have to convince someone I can easily teach 200 level Geology classes. Besides Botany, that's my weak science. On the other hand, I *do* know plate tectonics, crystallography, volcanology and hydrogeochemistry (hi, ruthling!). I *know I can teach all the astronomy classes they need. I'm a Cancer.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
5:14 pm
I don't have a problem---I just have an excessive solution to the non-problem
So....like most people, I find that sometimes my stuff winds up in a number of places....as I, like you, need figures for a Napoleanic battle, they should be together.  So....  Plushy!

From left to right: Da Cheat, iPod, fallen Homer--the baskets, top to bottom--(top) Wizard Mickey, six Dwagons; (middle) Squishy2, a PowerPuff Girl, the octopusglove; (bottom) all the Homestar figurines (hidden), Red Blood cell, Ebola, yeast, white blood cell; (floor) plague, Dogbert, Dilbert, brain cell, d20.  Then, on the right Grover, my Football Monster and MachoFish.  Also, the scarf.

Many of these were gifts (and that makes me Xmasier)  Thank you to anyone who added to the collection; you rawk (also, I've used some of these as learning aids)  (the oldest one is MachoFish, given to me by a gf in undergrad...the scarf is older)

Current Mood: giggly
Friday, December 3rd, 2010
4:28 pm
Voice Post
422K 2:28
“And, yes, I know it's in Alberta. Grrrrrr.....The Canadian Amazon will be cross with me, now.”

Transcribed by: thunderslug
Sunday, August 22nd, 2010
1:13 am
Mondeay 0830
This is our objective (heh):
bring chisel

Will become icn (or have creative commons logo in the middle )

Current Mood: stressed
Sunday, July 11th, 2010
12:54 am
Voice Post
762K 4:07
“For those of you too young, or with too much taste:
(also, no...I do *not* do the facial expressions. (we're talking about a guy who, with no sense of irony, stole from Wild Cherry)”

Transcribed by: thunderslug
Thursday, July 1st, 2010
2:09 am
Voice Post
356K 1:50
(no transcription available)
Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 05-11-2010

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Monday, May 10th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 05-09-2010

  • 12:31:57: My students call me mother-something...does that count?
  • 15:36:40: Arborist: "where did you find out about us?" Me: "Well, you've done work for my Mom and Aunt, and my baby bro, who also cuts your hair"
  • 18:18:21: Very Chris deBurgh-y in Dub's head (well, the only songs of his you might know are Don't Pay the Ferryman and/or The Lady in Red)
  • 18:24:52: Oh, and that's (the Lady in Red) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3TB_Tx32Q8 and

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Saturday, May 8th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 05-07-2010

  • 02:18:01: Oh, *mannnnn*...there's a Seattle Steampunk Film Festival tomorrow, and I didn't find out until NOW?!? http://bit.ly/aHnRap
  • 18:21:47: Watching Briere play reminds me of why I loved that Cup-winning Sabres team...

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Friday, May 7th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 05-06-2010

  • 15:55:06: ...annnnd...our funding is "back" to being the responsibility of the college of engineering. I sense 0.5FTE for next year.
  • 17:39:48: Then: "It should take one to three weeks". Now: "Two days is a new record!" Loan officers love people who show up with everything prepped
  • 17:40:29: @Skyes *straightens tie* "How YOU doin'?"
  • 17:56:23: @Skyes Neither there, nor here often(which is to say, I'm the little man in the same boat as you)"Holy, cow, I think he's gonna make it!!";)
  • 17:57:50: whoa. hockey riccochet.
  • 18:06:41: Apparently, the MTL fans think Crosby is a whiny bitch. No one outside of Sootsburgh disagrees.
  • 18:24:22: @tenner Sharkbaby! But, seriously...poor kid. *I'd* be cranky and demanding oxycodone at that point

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Thursday, May 6th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 05-05-2010

  • 20:36:11: Happiness is making it home to watch the third period of a hockey playoff game...after a great lecture
  • 20:52:43: RT @zefrank: http://missedconnectionsny.blogspot.com/ :: beautiful illustrations to accompany missed connection notes
  • 21:09:10: Credit score: 791. *flex* (50 to go!)
  • 21:22:49: @daniellepdx @stellar225 Why....yes? (As soon as I get my '10-11 contract, I can do it). Plus...the house is 2600 sq ft; plenty o' room

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 05-04-2010

  • 00:25:15: just then, I read through the last week's mail, and found out that my therapist is retiring. heh. a door opens, or a window; I forget 'sOK

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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 05-03-2010

  • 13:06:22: Midterm day--dressed appropriately.
  • 16:01:00: The Schedule of Classes for Fall term is out,and I'm not on it. Hardly surprising, actually. Interested in what midterm headspace will be.
  • 16:39:13: @taniz No, but it's a new twist. It means the assumption isn't there. No insurance policy, so to speak. Definitely closer.
  • 21:59:36: @Lonnerz No one has been able to tell me that, yet. So, no clue. Enjoying every lecture, still.

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Saturday, May 1st, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-30-2010

  • 11:09:31: Wedding Anniversary. Good day. Lots of smiles. Lots of ideas. Some involve the word 'Zen'
  • 11:11:46: @brauhze It really shouldn't, especiallyif there is *some* mud. Great, now I'm thinking of safe mud sex. Today gets better!!
  • 11:20:27: The new Hardcore has been achieved:between innings, pass a kidney stone,still make your turn at bat and get a hit. I salute you,sir(adjusts)
  • 14:00:46: It drives salesmen crazy to sell to salesmen
  • 14:21:45: @Prynne red tinfoil
  • 14:29:20: @Prynne red tinfoil?
  • 15:08:44: @MsLaynie I do that. ;) In this case, I knew my number....and I knew it's the last day of the quarter.

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Friday, April 30th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-29-2010

  • 20:42:16: I love the camera shot from behind the goalie during a timeout when the other goalie has been pulled. That's some lonely ice.
  • 20:44:10: @wilw You (and Kevin Smith) are the luckiest husbands ever (for totally different reasons)

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Thursday, April 29th, 2010
3:03 am
From Twitter 04-28-2010

  • 13:02:19: @brauhze A great, great feeling (esp., in my case, meds....$3000? Really? I'll hit myself with a mallet

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-27-2010

  • 22:50:18: Hrm....the first estimate is juuuuuust at my upper budget. But when I calculated yard mowing/resodding/watering/etc costs....hmmm

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 01:02:11: Restartingmy Yahoo! stuff...hellos for linder^2, and Lin, and Sierra. I'm thunderslu, and a re-adder
  • 01:06:09: OK, so...twitter (Dubberz), Youtube (VDubSlug, and LJ (thunderslug) No Facebook (security), or others
  • 01:07:55: @stellar225 Oh, yes....most stylish guy in the 16th century!!
  • 01:20:57: Midterm done! Sleep still something that happens to other people (despite the Seroquel)
  • 01:22:54: Anyone interested in the exspandedrole of NPs in American Health, I'd love an expert opinion,since ilost mine (esp NP-Midwife)
  • 01:26:16: Corticosteroids in joints? (especially psioritic arthritis in the knee and back)---facing lack of healthcare in September.
  • 01:28:00: To mu european friends (esp. those in Academia), are there possible openings for a lecturer? (Bonus for Scotland, but Manchester considered
  • 22:00:09: Hrm. I may have to kill ServiceMagic....I don't remember scheduling tomorrow's estimate. At least Thursday's is intentional.
  • 22:02:48: @granulac Sorry I missed you this weekend...it was the goal, but Mom needed me. Ah, well...at least I'm still in PDX
  • 22:05:06: @zefrank Yes...the first thing you'd notice is the arthritis pain...but the second would be how much the students are happy with you.
  • 22:07:15: @zefrank I still am not entirely certain how a navel with an umlaut would be pronounced

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Saturday, April 24th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-23-2010

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Friday, April 23rd, 2010
8:56 pm
Voice Post
757K 3:50
(no transcription available)
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-22-2010

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-21-2010

  • 15:11:55: Sushi and drig-induced fevers....one is da bomb
  • 23:24:45: Major home redo estimate tomorrow; Budget picked, will go 10% over for things I missed/difficulties I had not considered. Wish me luck.

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-20-2010

  • 01:15:30: @stellar225 Dude, I looked like I was carrying twins, with a spare tucked away in my chins.
  • 03:02:02: ...and ideas are bulletproof...
  • 16:22:57: Well....I called the lawn contractors....estimate next turnsday at 5.
  • 16:27:34: 4/20 is:; birthdays for Hitler, Harold Lloyd, Crispin Glover, Muhammed and George Takei--pick your avorite
  • 16:28:13: Well....I called the lawn contractors....estimate next thursday at 5. Fun?
  • 17:02:00: Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend!
  • 17:56:26: E gods...OKCupid? Hmmmm...worked before...
  • 17:58:14: Kilt day tomorrow, I thinks...
  • 19:35:52: mmmm...Thai salad rolls and italian dressing...now *that's* fusion!
  • 19:36:41: @Lonnerz Yeah, not putting much faith in it, but boredom....hopefully, no professional Rental Personnel.
  • 21:26:58: More Stanley Cup OT!!!

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-19-2010

  • 00:54:51: @purplesmudge Always happy to help...
  • 13:28:29: Giving serious consideration to redoing the yard(s), 21st century style. Got the money saved, and don't know I want to spend it on vanity..
  • 14:18:44: Somehow, I thin k buying a used watch is a terrible idea
  • 14:20:14: @MarzGurlProd heh...out of context, this is hilaeious. But yeah, parking vultures...ugh (a semi-big problem here at school)
  • 14:23:53: @TheChristinaKim This reminded me of Lee Trevino's "In case of a thunderstorm...hold up a one iron. Not even God can hit a one iron."
  • 15:43:14: @mmmmbobo Towards cookies? Were there cookies? (I try to keep cookies enabled, just in case)
  • 18:51:45: Something comforting about ordering delivery and being told the trout isn't very fresh, so she doesn't recommend it. I love being a regular
  • 18:57:23: @wilw Buhweet tang po da tids!
  • 20:06:46: *Michael Bay* in involved in the new Nightmare On Elm Street....how many explosions does that story need? (also, no reason for the remake)
  • 20:53:47: @pallagia Well done! (been there)...just a bit to go!

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Monday, April 19th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-18-2010

  • 17:43:25: @bular Yay, freckles of all locations and flavors!!!
  • 20:25:14: @KarenAlloy Squelch, and/or exacerbate (masticate)
  • 22:15:35: @purplesmudge Not at all; I not only hate memorials,but hospitals(where people go to die, and Dr's offices where people are sent to hospital

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Sunday, April 18th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-17-2010

  • 01:01:55: Another grand evening's gaming, *plus* we managed to rescue someone without killing everything in a 75' radius!

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Saturday, April 17th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-16-2010

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Thursday, April 15th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-14-2010

  • 01:49:46: It should be noted...I *do* use fluoroelastomer O-rings at work...they're just 11mm in diameter
  • 05:41:46: OK...beddy-bye boz-time (remember the video, win a prize!). I get so juiced lecturing late and working with the race team, bedtime isn't &lt;3
  • 06:47:41: Hrm. That didn't work. Also...below freezing?
  • 06:50:07: autotune the news? really?
  • 07:18:23: OK, so...the forecast was for a low of 46, and it's 30. WTF? (working on new acronyms for WFT, TFW, TWF and FWT (Follow @wilw 's Tweets?)
  • 09:49:16: The last four digits of my cell spell the author of metamorphoses....this is a sign...this *means* something...or it's just mashed taters.

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-13-2010

  • 01:08:09: I always get so juiced after a good lecture...good questions, hit teaching points...good convo about other profs not loving teaching like me
  • 01:09:37: plus, the Formula SAE (racing) team has adopted me...because I know cars/racing and care...unlike the 'official' advisor, apparently.
  • 15:49:35: @Prynne yay, panting! boo, pants. ;)
  • 15:52:44: @blissfulvanilla Friends will help you move..real friends will help you move a body. ;)
  • 18:19:40: @Prynne Yes, but what did you fuck up in Italian?
  • 18:21:24: @Prynne Inside out?..eep!
  • 18:23:43: Amusing myself singing "6-6-8! The neighbor of the Beast..." and making up lyrics
  • 19:18:32: @Prynne *and* shopped for die untergarmenten!
  • 22:08:46: @pvponline That's tremendous...happy for you both.
  • 22:16:56: wow....you don't hear "fighting out of Troutdale, OR" in a major-league MMA event
  • 22:21:30: @ThatKevinSmith I lost my wife to a brain tumor, and my baby sister (accident) at 19 months...hard to imagine the combination...I'm in...
  • 23:42:01: Thing number 702 (no, wait..3) that you don't want your Mom to find: your c-ring (then you tell her it's a fluoroelastomer O-ring from work)
  • 23:49:18: still at number one: yourself,dead of autoerotic asphyxiation...dressed appropriately to horrify.(wow, out of context, these are..nevermind)

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-12-2010

  • 11:56:33: Gotta turbocharge tonight's lecture; finish phase diagrams, and discuss cold work, so I can get to steel hardenability.
  • 23:24:48: Found a Radio 3 broadcast of Cyrano de Bergerac, with Kenneth Branagh as the titular character. Not Jose, but reeeeally good (shock)

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Sunday, April 11th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-10-2010

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Saturday, April 10th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-09-2010

  • 04:27:40: Was trying to figure out wh n3kk1d school prep was so chilly, then noticed...it's 36(F) out!!! Gipe!
  • 12:31:53: @lifeinflux Tired, lonely, but good. Still waiting to hear on the job. *shrug*
  • 12:32:52: @lifeinflux Oh, and the only time I had a paid move, I had so little stuff, they paid for packing, too...ah, youth...

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Friday, April 9th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-08-2010

  • 12:18:47: @zefrank Weaponized, africanized devil bees with "Queeny Issues"
  • 12:19:21: @lifeinflux The more stuff you have, the scarier it gets.....
  • 12:29:00: I've been adopted by the school racing team. My first edict: MSDSs for everything in the lab....bwahahahaha
  • 16:50:51: @Karaoke_Dani ummmm....curled up with a body pillow?

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Thursday, April 8th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-07-2010

  • 12:10:44: @ValerieDOrazio http://twitpic.com/1dvh3a - Whoo-H00!!!! ~Dubberz von Twitter, webcomic jinkie
  • 14:27:56: Great mood today...excited about lecture and expansion, even. I'll see if I can keep 'em awake...the building is still in Heating Mode(!)
  • 14:40:57: @Prynne You mean the heat from the stares isn't keeping you dry?
  • 14:42:03: @dcorsetto Is the water at least festive colors?
  • 16:03:34: @Prynne I have a heat lamp and a healthy heart; however, as an Oregonian, I have no umbrellae
  • 17:47:20: OK, kids....time for phase diagrams, heat treating and shaving!

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-06-2010

  • 02:17:34: 0200....amazon has 1600 free tracks and 100 $5 CDs
  • 11:47:24: @WGladstone Excellent stuff...but no more pages to visit, please? My Gladstone bookmarks file is still smaller than pr0n, but still...
  • 11:56:31: Soaked through my "So you've gone back in time" t-shirt during lecture. I may be vaguely 'dynamic'. Or the room was too hot.
  • 11:59:45: @Prynne Protect your face and be happy you don't shave your head....wait...that's not useful, is it?
  • 12:50:57: I have a Calvin and Hobbes fan in my class!! (with a spaceman Spiff e-dress)

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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-05-2010

  • 02:26:42: Note: not even close
  • 17:15:11: I need to shake this attitude, quick-like.
  • 23:20:29: In a wonderful moment this evening, after class I discussed hydrogen bonding and protein folding with a couple students.
  • 23:21:50: Also, I appear to have been adopted by the Formula SAE racing team...because I show up, and have raced. Weird.

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Monday, April 5th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-04-2010

  • 04:32:57: e gawdz......0430? I did 't plan that....20 in a row? Bad Dub--'mber go bed.
  • 04:42:33: It's marginally more difficult than you'd expect...sunrise soon, silence everywhere...primed to say "yes, please";still...no harem...no 'ho
  • 04:50:41: @reneengstrom If only we could 'deck' the eggs....or just "dec." for short! It'll make millions, as soon as we make tiny, tiny holly
  • 22:12:56: the question, of course: is it excessively Vain to want to look OK in an A-shirt? (vis a vis 2x-Y.O.s)
  • 22:15:43: Dono. McN. to the 'skins? Really? Re-hire Zorn, and he's an geeeeeeenius
  • 22:37:49: 2230: laying down; I expect this to last &lt;90 min.....wish me luck.

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 04-03-2010

  • 13:31:19: @brauhze Five syllables ;) [and probably sugar]
  • 13:32:50: @stellar225 Can't it be both a bang and whimpering? I forget...
  • 13:34:31: @abrichar ...or the little green houses and red hotels!?!?!?
  • 14:30:22: So....do I ban iPads in class, too? Eventually, I'll have to make a no-cheat sheet.
  • 14:45:22: My "SuperFriends With Benefits" shirt got lots of compliment...next up: "when I play doctor, I play to win"
  • 17:13:24: Globes with magnetic non-contact holders rawk...figuring out how south South Africa is for a World Cup in mid-winter...
  • 17:40:50: @abrichar Trying to solve the three-body problem? (from xkcd)
  • 17:41:38: @granulac But, realistically....what tone of voice does one use?
  • 17:42:10: @tenner Best of luck! (and I shun thee....)
  • 18:03:55: @cwgabriel http://twitpic.com/1d005e - I hadn't thought about those PAAS kits since my wife died (she *loved* 'em)--thanks!
  • 23:04:41: "and my PC appeared to be trying to kill itself by holding a Tesla Coil in two USB appendages"...use this, but consider vanDeGraff--VW
  • 23:09:12: Ily have one student in the big class who has silver fillings; the rest looked at us sideways at the phrase "chewing on xxxx-foil"

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 04-02-2010

  • 01:38:39: In the weirdest distribution I've had, one class may be too big for the room (as in I'll give up the instructor's table); t'other, canceled.
  • 14:30:46: @brauhze E gods....I remember....'tick...(one minute passes)....tock...(a geological era passes)....tick...
  • 16:39:14: @Skyes Congrats, if only for the transition=growth; plus, your increased happiness.
  • 16:40:08: gamin', gamin', gamin'. Go, Imbo!!!

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Friday, April 2nd, 2010
3:04 am
From Twitter 04-01-2010

  • 16:09:31: xkcd is making me remember UNIX. That's not April Fool's, but just mean.
  • 16:11:58: @SusanVLewis Urbandictionary has 'fuggeddaboudit'
  • 16:58:17: @SusanVLewis I live to serve....plus, made-up words are generally phonetic...everyone will understand :)

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Thursday, April 1st, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 03-31-2010

  • 16:11:11: Kilt, "I'm Going to Try Science" t-shirt, and 'Love/Hate' Chucks....yeah, that's about right
  • 17:37:00: ....and thus ends 3/31 and no contract. Wonder how lecture will go?

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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 03-30-2010

  • 02:31:16: It's very important that for the next few days, I not go to the grocery, as that's where the liqour store (and overproof rum) is.
  • 02:32:23: Plus, I couldn't help Mom with a computer problem....duhhhh
  • 12:48:37: ....and then my card key stopped working...
  • 14:02:16: An hour-long wander across campus, and I still have no new ID, so no way to get to my office after 5. But tomorrow...yeah.
  • 17:11:30: Tomorrow's the 'due' date....time for a kilt.
  • 23:30:17: ...and I don't have a kilt that goes with my new "SuperFriends With Benefits" t-shirt. However..."White Letters on a Black Shirt"...

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
11:16 am
tell my wife I am trolling Atlantis, and I still have my hands on the wheel.
...and happy rotation, glitterophelia!

Well, the inevitable finger-pointing has begun.  All of which is to say, despite contractual obligations, I'm unlikely to get a contract tomorrow.  And the waiting begins...bleargh.

Current Mood: cynical
3:01 am
From Twitter 03-29-2010

  • 10:58:16: School e-mail this am: "but I'm not optimistic regarding instructional resources."
  • 11:01:38: First day of classes! 20+ grad students!
  • 12:04:16: @daniellepdx Apparently, it's irrelevant for me, as there's no money for next year. But, boy does it mean a lot of work

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Monday, March 29th, 2010
5:14 pm
...and thanks for the trouble you took from your eyes
Ah, Day One.  Lots of introductions, showing the evolution of the golf club, asking about zipper materials.  Wish I could come up with some sort of enthusiasm.  Maybe being on stage will do it.  Anyway, heard that there's no PSU money for instruction (me) next year.  People are working on stuff, but cynicism rules the day.

Plus, I can't find my high-tech golf club.  Drats.  Ah, well....6PM into the breech, I guess.

Tremor ranks 8 of 10...no writing on the board, one assumes.

Current Mood: crushed
3:01 am
From Twitter 03-28-2010

  • 14:15:23: Term starts tomorrow night...gotta get my head on straight. Nap?

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Sunday, March 28th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 03-27-2010

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Saturday, March 27th, 2010
3:01 am
From Twitter 03-26-2010

  • 19:11:33: Coming out next: Madmen of Rock Band...I'm getting the Jimmy Paige version (comes with bow), so I can do songs from the Firm (well, two)
  • 22:07:07: teh thing that gets me is the slight chance Ken would need care fore his boys....my (hopefull) would bypass to the little ones. Not dream\

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Friday, March 26th, 2010
3:02 am
From Twitter 03-25-2010

  • 02:44:51: Eventually, Spring Break will be over, and this not-sleep schedule will become problematic.
  • 03:49:34: Ruthling was nearly right; I decided to try drums; "Tom Sawyer" by Rush nearly hospitalized me.
  • 03:59:57: It's 4 am I must be......wait....I was lonely before this, right? For months and months? Then why...oh, pop music....carry on...lonely
  • 17:49:14: I'll say this about Top Gear (other than unrestrained glee) is that they throw away tires like they're spent gum wrappers....
  • 17:50:20: @mmmmbobo Ideal for odd foggy photography....artsy!
  • 17:51:40: @lifeinflux They say...hmmm...that sounds unhealthy...try these anri-psychotics (since 'normal' sleep-inducers do nothing) Then again...
  • 17:52:23: @lifeinflux They gave me a psychosis test, and I scored 85-90%...Dub gets an A!!!!!
  • 17:54:22: Dennis Hopper made it to 73 (still ticking), but Robert Culp left at 79.
  • 18:20:51: Ever have one of those moments when you recall that, no matter how briefly, you were *wanted*? Ah, well...move along briskly, then...
  • 18:57:56: @Lonnerz I'll sit quietly.
  • 20:10:40: You know it'd a sub-optimal day/evening when you're reading encyclopedia dramatica.....
  • 20:11:23: @lifeinflux Yes. But an enormous fraction of them are non-functional and/or in jail.
  • 20:14:45: @bular Remember, A.....keep your chin down and your shots upward....wow, that works for lots of life.....
  • 21:01:35: A love-struck Romeo sings the streets a seraaade....meanwhile...LappyII sucks it up to W7 (L3 will eat Linux....in time....)
  • 21:03:00: Wait....&lt;$10/physical CD (I have &gt;1100)....you may have caught the old man...

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