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I don't have a problem---I just have an excessive solution to the non-problem

So....like most people, I find that sometimes my stuff winds up in a number of places....as I, like you, need figures for a Napoleanic battle, they should be together.  So....  Plushy!

From left to right: Da Cheat, iPod, fallen Homer--the baskets, top to bottom--(top) Wizard Mickey, six Dwagons; (middle) Squishy2, a PowerPuff Girl, the octopusglove; (bottom) all the Homestar figurines (hidden), Red Blood cell, Ebola, yeast, white blood cell; (floor) plague, Dogbert, Dilbert, brain cell, d20.  Then, on the right Grover, my Football Monster and MachoFish.  Also, the scarf.

Many of these were gifts (and that makes me Xmasier)  Thank you to anyone who added to the collection; you rawk (also, I've used some of these as learning aids)  (the oldest one is MachoFish, given to me by a gf in undergrad...the scarf is older)

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