Jim a.k.a. V-Dub (thunderslug) wrote,
Jim a.k.a. V-Dub

Her name came up today/to my surprise/my eyes watered up/but I didn't cry

For those of you who believe in these things, and those who know how unlikely being here at all is:

The last couple weeks, I've been really upbeat...two good CVs out (one for a Dean's position), and then, I realized that I was....social. And curious. So, I went back to the dating site I hadn't been to since I went blind...and the old male curiosity kicked in (Dear Ace---just let me know, and I'll leave the door unlocked)...and I wrote! Got comments! Totally awesome last 48 hours!

Got an e-mail from schmimi...Isabeau died Sunday morning. Something like 16 years since Laurie nursed her back to health, her liver went out of warranty. Izzy was far luckier than even I...she had two amazing women love her, with only a short time between. I will forever hold M-Re dear, as she gave me three grand gifts...her visit, the Small Good Baking, and being Izzy's godmother.

Coincidence? Of course. but still. Rest well, enormo-cat. And M-Re makes me desperately want to believe in Karma, because she's due whatever the world values the gratitude of three mammals.

Now, I have to convince someone I can easily teach 200 level Geology classes. Besides Botany, that's my weak science. On the other hand, I *do* know plate tectonics, crystallography, volcanology and hydrogeochemistry (hi, ruthling!). I *know I can teach all the astronomy classes they need. I'm a Cancer.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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