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This Would Be Jim

(as if you didn't know that)

Jim a.k.a. V-Dub
12 July 1964
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(May, 2010)...Thinking about going back to Public, from Friends Only...if only to bring back the fiction/erotica/drabbles.

Of course, when one is putting these things together, one wants to put something pithy and clever here...of course, one is also interested in just Getting On With It...so winds up just sprayng random letters, and speaking of oneself as 'one'. This is such a paragraph.

Addenda: OK, so this journal is *really* mostly about taking care of my wife, L, who has a malignant brain tumour, So, this journal is about my coping with the death of my wife from a brain tumour, and my continuing struggle to keep off the 90 lbs I lost a few years back. I like being friended by people who comment. Or at least post pics. ;)

Now, I'm mostly a bipolar LostBoy, trying in vain to hold onto a job I love, while people I don't love try to fuck with it. They succeeded. Working on a new gig.

And there is so much beauty around me--sometimes I forget that--feel free to remind me.